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We have mobile teams covering your town and local area to repair and install Sectional Garage Doors, Up & Over Garage Doors, Roller Shutter Garage Doors Manual and Automatic Electric Garage Doors.

We fit and install all kinds of garage door as well as a number of additional features which will improve functionality, security and appearance. Whatever you require, you can be sure that we will be able to install the perfect garage door for your property.

Oakham is an historic town with a medieval history however, notwithstanding the history here, the homeowners take pride in keeping their homes safe and up-to-date. They know that a nice looking garage door enhances the kerb appeal of their property and the security of a well maintained garage door also deters undesirable interest from burglars etc as it makes gaining entry to your home more difficult for them.

Canopy/Up & Over 
Garage Doors

Canopy or up & over garage doors are the most popular type of garage door. They are extremely easy to use and offer great value for money. Canopy doors can be constructed in a range of materials to suit your property. Canopy doors open upwards and are simple to use and install.

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Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are another popular variety of garage door and have excellent security, safety and design properties. The construction of these garage doors is sectioned, which means that they can be installed in almost any type of garage however it is shaped. If you have a shorter driveway or garage, a sectional garage door is ideal because no space is required for the door to swing out. Also, because the garage door is sectioned, significantly larger garages can be accommodated for with a sectional garage door.

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Side Hinged
Garage Doors

A side hinged garage door is often found in more traditional homes and continues to be a popular style of garage, especially for those who rarely park their car inside. If you frequently use your garage for storage, a side hinged garage door will be particularly useful. Side hinged doors are very easy to use, simple to maintain and very cost effective. You will also be able to maximise the space in your garage as the doors will swing outwards and not require any space inside the garage.

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Roller Shutter
Garage Doors

Roller shutter garage doors have great space saving qualities and the vertical operation of the garage door means that you can maximise the space in your garage and your driveway. The movement of the garage door also means that you can park tall vehicles such as vans or 4×4’s without the door impacting on your vehicle. If you have any awkwardly placed tables, boxes or doors in your garage, a roller shutter door will be the ideal solution. Roller shutter doors are made to order and will fit in seamlessly to your property.

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Automatic Remote Controlled Electric
Garage Doors

Alarms and Smart Home Applications

These days, a great number of security and convenience features can be added to your doors including Automatic, Remote Control and Electric Garage Doors. If you would like increased security, we can add an alarm. If you want even greater functionality, we can fit smart home applications that will enable you to control the doors from your phone. 

Garage Door Repairs Oakham

At 3 Counties Garage Doors Oakham, we have many years of experience within the garage door industry and specifically for saving customers money by repairing their garage doors rather than simply replacing them. Often the issue making the garage door difficult to open or close is to do with runners, locks, catches or springs. All of these can be repaired or upgraded however if the door itself is dented or twisted or you are looking to upgrade the appearance of your property, then you are likely to want a replacement. You can be sure that we have accumulated the knowledge needed to offer you an expert opinion and give you the best advice.

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The majority of doors that we fit are constructed are of aluminium and steel. Steel and aluminium require far less maintenance than timber and often have better insulation properties. Aluminium and steel can also be cladded in a variety of materials to perfectly match the style and décor of your property. If you would like your door constructed of timber or another material, we can of course do this for you. 

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Tamper Alarms

If you wish to give your garage doors even more security, we can fit alarm systems into the doors. One of our tamper alarms will prevent anyone attempting to interfere with your garage doors.

SBD Security Doors

Our SBD doors have been tested to the highest of standards and will give you total peace of mind, knowing that your doors will be able to withstand all manner of serious attacks.

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MyQ Kit

Should you require increased functionality and accessibility we can fit the MyQ kit to your garage. The MyQ kit will enable you to monitor and use your garage door even when you are not on your property. The MyQ camera installed on the garage will allow you to verify any person before letting them in through a simple click on your phone. The MyQ kit is ideal for anyone who receives a lot of parcels and visitors.


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